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NatGen: Plan Enhancer and TrioMed
NatGen Plan Enhancer Disappearing Deductible :
Accident Medical Expense coverage for accident-related health care costs. Add optional riders for extra coverage:
Cancer and Heart/Stroke Rider
Sickness Hospitalization Rider
NatGen is implementing Disappearing Deductible and increasing Durable Medical Equipment and ground ambulance benefits.
Deductible decreases on annual policy anniversary date on years 2 and 3, along with Durable Medical Equipment & ground ambulance benefits increasing.

TrioMED is an ancillary product that helps your clients cover unexpected medical costs.
It offers three different types of coverage in one plan by combining Accident Medical Expense, Critical Illness, and Accidental Death and Dismemberment.
Additionally, NatGen offers two types of TrioMED plans: a standard issue version and a guaranteed issue version.
It is important to note that TrioMED is supplemental coverage and does not satisfy the government’s requirements for Minimum Essential Coverage
So why should your clients consider purchasing a TrioMED plan?
Employer-sponsored health plans have higher deductibles and less benefits than ever before.
As a result, studies have estimated that 41 million Americans are currently underinsured, leaving them especially vulnerable to the higher financial burdens of unexpected out-of-pocket costs.
In fact, each year 530,000 Americans declare personal bankruptcy due to medical bills.
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