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NatGen - Plan Enhancer and Trio Med
Why Fixed-Benefit Indemnity Plans?
NatGen Access is a fixed-benefit indemnity plan that offers clients affordable and predictable access to health care. Clients can go to any doctor or hospital and receive their set benefit amount, without having to first pay deductibles or copays. Access provides benefits for both preventive and unplanned office visits, lab work and X-rays, surgeon costs, and more. And what’s more, there is no waiting period for injury and sickness benefits.
Fixed-benefit indemnity plans help to cover the anticipated costs of everyday health care services by paying set dollar amounts for certain covered health care services. Clients pay anything in excess of their plan benefits.

Hospital Expense Protection Plus
NatGen’s Hospital Expense Protection Plus product is a new limited-benefit, hospital indemnity plan that is designed to help your clients plan and save on health care costs. There are six different plan options for you and your clients to choose from, and each is designed to meet the specific needs of your clients. Our three base plan options can help your clients offset the cost of unexpected hospital stays, while our three max plan options provide your clients with benefits for hospital stays along with a set amount of additional benefits for more common needs like office and urgent care visits.
Why should your clients consider purchasing Hospital Expense Protection? Well, the average cost of a hospital stay in America is $11,700. Furthermore, out-of-pocket expenses rose more than 70% over the last 10 years for Americans with employer-based insurance. As a result of rising costs and limited savings, approximately 61% of Americans say that they would be unable to pay for a $1,000 unplanned medical expense.
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